As the world races, this forum will give an observer a chance to pause, absorb, and reflect on a small part of a lager intent by creatives.

With the inaugural journal, the following artists are working, thinking, and engaging the world around them. Here, they have found a place to share a small portion of their vision.

Without the distraction of the screen. With the simplicity of the page.

10 Journal seeks to present the artist, idea, and individual. With that said, this journal will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.


10 — made possible with the support of those involved

Produced by — Nate Abramowski




Inquiries are welcome and future submissions will be accepted during open submission dates. All types of work are applicable as long as it is able to be represented within this medium. To submit, send no more than 7 images at roughly 1000px on the longest dimensions, 72dpi to info[ at ] - include in the title "submission" with the issue date.




10 is published / printed by Nate Abramowski and is an extension of those artists involved.

View expressed by the artists are not necessary those of everyone compiled here. Copyright is reserved, which means, without written consent, nothing in this journal can be reproduced, via scan, screen capture, copy, or any other means available. Reproduction is strictly prohibited. © 2015

Email addresses are published for professional correspondence only.
Inquiries & Submissions: info[at]

Please note "10 submission" in the title line.